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Whether by necessity or design, I’ve embraced being a DIY musician and have learned that the few who truly listen and support my work are my real audience. However many thousands I’ve reached in the years I’ve been recording and performing, it keeps coming back to the same hundred or so fans now friends who have been there from the start and are joining along the way who truly have my back, cheer me on and let me know when I’ve gone astray.

Some people listen to artists for years without ever spending a dollar on them and here I am, asking you to support me monthly, to help sustain the artist vision we’re building together.

Some people can’t give anything, some people can give much more. Some people can only give their time, their ears and their hearts and it all helps to motivate and inspire me to keep creating – A NEW SONG EVERY MONTH is how this has been going down.

And since I’m asking you to pledge your support, here is what I’m promising in return:


  1. A New Song Every Month: I will record a live video of a song, provide the lyrics and the backstory to the song for ALL on Patreon – I will only post a short snippet of the song on social media. Supporters of $3+ get the .mp3 download as well.

  2. A Live Streamed Concert Every Month: With mostly new music, performed on an unlisted YouTube link only Patreon supporters get, $5+ members can watch live BUT all members will get access after, with a hyperlinked tracklist.

  3. A Welcome Video! I send a personalized welcome video to show you how psyched I am you joined the and give a few tips on how best to enjoy Patreon – I do this through an app called ‘Bonjoro’ via the email you signed up to Patreon with.

  4. Some Sort of Something in the Mail! Depending on your level of support and whatever kind of BG swag you’ve already got your hands on, I’m gonna find a way to send you something new…it might be after 2-3 months of support when I know you’re really in this but I’ll think of something…

  5. FOR THE BIG TIME PLAYERS: A one-on-one video chat or phone call for Patrons of $50+ and a one-on-one live internet concert for Patrons at $100 – both scheduled at your convenience. You deserve it!

What is Patreon? Put simply it’s a monthly support system that directly connects artists with their audiences, a private world to explore new work together as we bring it to life. You can jump on for as little as a $1, not get charged until 1st of the next month as well as change your Pledge at any time.

But I know you’ll love it – Patreon is our own social, multi-media account, interactive blog, messenger, live video streaming and chat service. Of course, like most internet platforms, it’s whatever you make out of it and I have some big plans for us…

Why Patreon? For many reasons – most important of all is that I’m looking for a long-term, sustainable path to making music and connecting more intimately with my supporters. Even more important than the financial support is the emotional support and with this Patreon I am committing to making music for whoever is listening, whether it’s a small, core group of supporters like I currently have or beyond. I am committing to a life of creating the most authentic, sincere and directly connected music I can – I am selling out to you.

Where does the money go? Every dollar that I make from the Patreon is being saved to get me into the studio to record the songs we choose or to purchase something I need for my home studio, I will be 100% transparent. And of course, Patreon takes about a 10% fee for us to use this excellent platform.

My truth? I’m a guy who works two jobs to fund the day to day costs of making music in one of the most expensive yet creative cities in the world. But the most expensive thing of all is my time as I not only write but play 90% of the instruments, self-record and produce my albums/videos from my home studio. I have no label or manager. I hire a publicist for 3 months when I have a record out but that’s it. By the time I release the record, the Kickstarter covers the mixing/mastering/printing costs after I’ve spent years and thousands of hours/dollars to get to that point, mostly alone. I’m then too far in debt to tour and have to get back to my day job so the record never gets to truly see the light of day…

If you can make the leap of faith and pledge a monthly support it would be a huge first step towards creating a sustainable life as a musician for me, which is the only way I can continue to create consistently. Not sure if you’re into this? Not sure where your finances will be next month? Put in a small amount to start, you can always change it – for now, the symbolism of your support is huge, as I get my bearings with this platform.

I’ve been supporting and following a few different artists and it’s been amazing, I know you’ll love it here and I know I can be a good host. I’m ready. Let’s do this.

Any thoughts? Concerns? Let me know! Check out my PATREON PAGE to see some public posts and learn more about what I’ve been up to.