Release Party Photos! Live Video of NEXT Single...

‘The Strong & the Silent’ is out now and we celebrated with a full band fiasco at the lower east side club, ‘Berlin Under A’ - the band brought that as well as 7 other new songs to life!

Here is ‘The Strong & the Silent’ if you haven’t heard it yet!

You can find it on all other services here:

The night was extra special as I curated the lineup of bands so the venue was ours for the evening and filled with friends playing eclectic music. I had a great photographer there snapping away who also got video of what’s likely to be the NEXT single, ‘Second Guess’:

All of this new work in progress is the result of over a year of demo writing and sharing with my fan club on Patreon - their monthly, small dollar contributions are what’s funding all of this and is what will make the consistent, creative over the next (forever? years possible. Check it out here:

Brett Gleason at Berlin Under A

There were 70 photos from the show, I cut it down to 30 and made a Flickr album - check it out here:

This place has great vibes but is notoriously hard to photograph, how great do these look? How much fun did we have?! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to show and has shown support for the new single - it’s been the most well received of my songs yet, & the best is yet to come.