The Strong & the Silent: New Single & NYC Release Show

I have a new song I’ve been working on a long time because I’ve been working on me a long time too….

I stepped back after my last album & knew I had to change, not just musically but personally. I was proud of my work but felt like a failure, felt disconnected and alone despite sharing so much of myself for so long.

I went back in therapy to figure things out, started reading deeply, listening harder & working intentionally.

I learned I couldn’t go it alone anymore & started building a community on Patreon to share my progress. I began writing songs like confessions and chose one that summed up the challenge I had to live up to:

THE STRONG & THE SILENT embraces radical vulnerability in the face of digital isolation -

After a decade of struggling in silence, I was in the system & progressing on paper - holding my head high but with an artificially brave front.  Too proud to lean on anyone or admit need, it took a second reckoning to learn the strongest medicine is human connection.

The Strong & the Silent is out June 7th but you can download NOW by joining my Patreon Community

You’ll also be invited to our bi-weekly live streams and hear all the new album demos.

It’s this core group of supporters who have made it possible, sustained and motivated me to make the best music of my life so they/you/we get it NOW - at any tier, starting at $1.

Join the Patreon & download the .mp3 here:

If you’re in NYC, you can also can get an immediate download by getting an advanced ticket to the album release party - my band is performing in the East Village with two other phenomenal acts and we’re taking over. Get an $8 adv ticket and I’ll send you the download now:

There is one extra special very limited option for those who are pained by seeing my face cut in half and want to help me launch this single and go on my first tour this summer (more info TBA!)

I am printing a few 8x10 pieces of the original shot of the single art, autographed and personalized. These were done by Eva Mueller here in Brooklyn who I’ve been a fan of for many many years.

Want one? Join the Patreon at the $25 Level and it’s yours (only 15 available!)

I’ve never released a single before nor have I ever spent so long on a single song but I really want to do this last year of personal work and support from my Patreon justice and launch with someone that really stood out from my previous albums - not only is this is a new sound and style for me but it’s the first time I’ve recorded EVERYTHING in the studio including my vocals and piano.

That might sound crazy but I’m such a DIY artist that I’ve managed to do so much on my own but as you’ll see, I found one of the best grand pianos in the tri-state area (travelled to South Philly to play on it) and recorded all my vocals on not just a great microphone but in a room with vibes, and a producer that helped me to own my performances instead of hiding in my closet, hoping my neighbors don’t hear me -

It’s a big difference sonically and the results are powerful. I can’t wait to share this all with you.