My Debut Album: Re-Released / Revisited - Reduced...

I've gone through so many changes the last 5 years I almost don't recognize the person that released my debut album...

So, I moved some tracks, deleted two others, re-issued the whole thing & I'm proud to re-introduce myself to the world 

Before I get too deep in the history of these songs may I present to you this FINAL version which is a subtle but solid improvement on an already presentable performance:


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(It's in the other music places too....

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NOW - the real thing I wanna talk about is: 


I signed on with a new distribution company to release new music & had the opportunity to transfer over my old music with minor tweaks in the process...

As a recovering perfectionist, this was dangerous but as an evolving artist, I can't stop improving myself...admitting the track order didn't cut it, or the production isn't right...

It was a hard decision but you know what? I'm more proud of my debut than ever and ready for new ears to hear me...

So whether you've heard 'Brett Gleason' or not, I invite you to revisit with a fresh ear because in June we release a new single to mark a new era, striking out on a new journey together.

Here's the final track order, 'Brett Gleason' was originally released May 5, 2014:

1. Imposter    

2. Calculated 

3. Polarity 

4.  I Am Not 

5. Destruction 

6. Futile & Fooled 

7. The Thawing 

8. Idealize the Dead

Here is an alternate version of the album cover that we didn't use:

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 7.52.57 PM.png

My friend & veteran music photographer Doug Seymour shot this and I got some bad news during the shoot (nothing earth shattering but enough to throw me into an emotional tailspin...) and being as connected as we were personally to each other and to the project we decided to just keep shooting and see what we got...

Interestingly there was one shot that was half clear eyed visionary,, half crumbling felt right and we cropped out what we needed without forgetting our other half...

Brett Gleason Debut Journey.png

There are also FIVE MUSIC VIDEOS to this album filmed between 2009 & 20013 -

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Honestly, I've barely cracked the surface of the long & complicated history of these songs...they were originally released in two EP's between 2010 & 2012 so I think I'll need to dedicate another post to those? 

Anyone remember 'The Dissonance' & 'The Thawing'? #RIP


I'm getting ready to release NEW MUSIC into the world and if I do my job right, new eyes and ears will be coming across my old music so I want to put my best foot forward and am tying up my loose ends.

I'm even thinking of changing the track order in 'Manifest'...I'm A MANIAC.

Love you all,


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Brett Gleason